Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let it rain (Crayola style)!

So it was only a matter of time till we tried one of these.  They are everywhere on Pinterest and the blogosphere.  And as well as making a very effective picture, they also looked like fun to make, so we had to try them out!!

What better time than Christmas?  And what better recipients than my 2 sweet nieces?

Let the melted crayon fun begin!

{The little girl tipping out the paint can was taken from a cool graffiti found in a Melbourne lane way.  And the other pic was drawn by Tomas (talented as she is :)}

These were tonnes of fun to make, and look lovely up on the wall.  Perfect for sweet little girls!!

Have you tried making any of these yet?  We'd love to take a look!!

Jones xx


  1. I love these! I have not heard of this before but I'm going to haul my crayons out!

    Jones, did you really draw that pic? It is so beautiful. I love her solace under the umbrella and the gorgeous stripey tights. Ah may zing!

  2. Cool :) I might try something like this with some of my design students.



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