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3 words to focus on in 2012

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A growing number of smart people (like Chris, RobNatalie) suggest that instead of setting new year's resolutions (that you're bound to fail at before the end of January) you should instead choose a few words to be your focus for the year.  These will then help to drive your goals and plans.

This idea really resonates with us, and through the things we've been reading, and the planning we've been doing, a few words have burrowed themselves into our psyche, and are going to be the T&J words of the year.

We will use these words to encourage, inspire and drive us on.  Our words for this year are:

(by the talented MaryKateMcDevitt)

This is a year to be proactive, to not sit around wishing, but to get up, put one foot in front of the other and get moving.

This will be a year of doing things.  Of not over analysing. Of not procrastinating.  Of not procrastinating by over analysing!!

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Ok, so that's a phrase not a word, but flinching is the opposite of what we intend to do this year.  We will use the momentum of the flinch, that would normally make us shy away from challenges or activities that scare us, to propel us forward.  To use the movement and do before we think (or over analyse and procrastinate)!

(We'll be speaking more about flinching in the next little while.  But in the meantime you can check out Julien Smith's free, life-changing book "The Flinch", which is where this concept came from for us.)

(Words by Anonymous | prettied up by T&J)

This will be a big one for us, because we believe that relationships are the foundation of success.  From building your business, to nurturing friendships.

There have never been better opportunities for building relationships with such a wide range of people.  Be they social media experts on the other side of the world, stay at home mum-trepreneurs, or people with a keen interest in a particular niche.

Everything for us will come back to how we can nurture and support the relationships we have with our peers, community, family and friends.

365 Intentions for 2012
Another cool thing we're going to do is to start each day with good intentions.

Here's a template of 365 cards full of good intentions, to cut out, put in a bowl, ready for the picking each before you start work!

How bout you?  What 3 words would encapsulate your goals and intentions for the year?

Yours intentionally,

Tomas & Jones


  1. I've never been big on making resolutions because as you say, they tend to fall by the wayside come February. I am however, a big believer of intentions and I love the idea of having 3 words to focus on.

    'Relationships' is always an important one and I also particularly like your 'Flinch forward' and not shying away from things.

    Yay for 2012!

  2. Yay indeed! Sounds like you've got some exciting things coming up for 2012, no flinching there! We look forwards to hearing all about the adventure ;)



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