The [Coffee] Hit List

One of the best things about Melbourne is the cafe culture! We have an abundance of fantastic coffee served in the best cafes!

And, as Jane so eloquently put it over at
One of the best by-products of Melbourne’s endless cafĂ© boom is that you become a tourist in your own city. You follow the coffee aroma smoke signals to some nuggetty little pocket of town that isn’t on your train line and bam! There near the dusty IGA and the old-school pharmacy, you’ll find some java magic. (from the review of The Premises,
So, this page is dedicated to the exploration of the best of the coffee that this city has to offer!

Here's the ones on our hit list that we've yet to try out! (in no particular order)
If you have any suggestions to add to the list let us know!!!
    PS: if you follow the links above you'll see we get a lot of our recommendations from and Mel: Hot or Not.  Check them out for other reviews of interest.


    1. Im a Sydneysider but last year I stayed on Little Bourke st for a weekend of shopping and had some great coffee at Brother Baba and +39. Not sure how they rate on your list above but the coffee (& brekkie) was good!

    2. Wow, Yes! Brother Baba Budan has impeccable coffee, whenever i'm in the vicinity I definitely get one there. Thanks for the +39 tip, haven't tried that one so will put it on the to-do list for sure :) x



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