Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Try for Tweety-Twelve

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Yesterday we mentioned social networking rage, Twitter and one of the weird and wonderful things about it.

Many small and large businesses (along with countless potential clients) are tweeting and connecting.  What could be more fun?

Chris Brogan, a social media & business consultant, has blogged about his Twitter Toolbox which we thought was helpful for those wanting to find out a little more about the Blue Bird's uses.

And if you've not gotten on the Twitter bandwagon yet check out Mashable's Twitter Guide to get the low down from A-Z.

Something we think is quite fun, is all the customisations the twitter bird can have.  Type a search into Google to find some, or create one of your own.

We even had our own sketchy little go (see right).

Let us know if you've created or found any cool twitter logos.

Chris Brogan on Twitter

Tweet ya later!

Tomas x

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