Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show & Tell Time!

I'd like to introduce you to these gorgeous ladies brought to us by the recently much talked about Magnolia Markets c/o- the very talented Mitchell & Dent all the way over from WA to share their goodies!

Aren't they darling girls perched up there (still awaiting some lovely frames).  I was so excited to stop by and meet Angela & Leah of M&D!

My big dilemma was which spring lady to purchase!  What could I do but decide there was actually nothing to be done but have both! Indeed the whole stall was so tempting I had to high-tail out of there in the end before I came home with the whole collection!

So many wonderful things at Magnolia I can hardly wait for the next. I do hope you got to pop in. I'd love to hear about the items you found and could not possibly leave behind too :)

Thank you again M&D for the treasures!

Tomas x


  1. Isn't it gorgeous! The Mesdames Mitchell & Dent are very talented ladies! :)

  2. oh man, wanting them even more now! they are spectacular, propped up there with all of that beautiful glass and the light shining in.


  3. Oh, you are too too lovely, missie! Thank you for the blog love. It was very nice to meet you and Angie is so excited to see her lovely spring girls on your windowsill.

  4. Oh - and I am seriously coveting your vintage glassware!

  5. you ladies are absolutely sweet & gorgeous!

    @Tobe - indulge...they are lovely!!

    @Madame Dent - pleasure of course was all mine! :) Please let Angie know they are much commented on by visitors. And yes...I think vintage glassware has become my one weakness! I'll have to show you a picture of a sweet little decanter we recently got in a dear vintage picnic pouch!



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