Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful Bunting

I've never made bunting before, but it's everywhere, isn't it?  And the temptation to create your own lovely concoction of fluttering festiveness is hard to ignore.

(image from Devon Bear via Endless Inspiration)

Plus, when one's sister's sewing machine is broken, and the niblings need bunting, what is a loving aunt to do but take up scissors and thread with haste!

(image from Home from the Sea via Endless Inspiration)

Well, in truth it's been a couple of months now since the request was made, the material purchased and the project embarked upon...but, well, it's winter, and the kiddies have not been venturing out in the cold to the cubby house (upon which this bunting is destined to flutter) to play for quite a while now.

(image from Zig Zag Bunting via Endless Inspiration)

But Spring doth approach and it was time to get my act into gear.  And so here we are now, with bunting made, and ready to be shipped in preparation for its unfurling on the first lovely day of spring!

I must confess this wasn't the easiest of projects for me...I think I need to lurk a bit more over at Tales of a Junkaholic and get some bunting making tips!  If anyone can make bunting it's the fabulous Artemis!

But I'm happy with how it's turned out, and hope I've managed to get the right balance between boy and girl prints to please both the nephew and the nieces!

Check the mail kids, it's finally on it's way :)

Lots of love, Aunty Jones :) xxx


  1. Oh, thanks! You're too too kind :)

  2. it looks lovely. will be checking the mail with bated breath. Thanks

  3. How sweet!! We love it!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  4. @to buy a fat pig: Thanks you!! Ok, so don't start checking just yet, as the bunting is still as you see it above...but not for long, promise :)

    @eddieross: Thanks so much, that's really nice of you :)

    Have a good day all!



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