Thursday, June 24, 2010

A month of birthdays & house crushes

It's my little sister's birthday tomorrow (25 June)!  I love this photo of the two of us, in all our 70's glory! What a sombre little thing you were :)  Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day!

Spent last weekend down in Hobart with her and the family, for my nephew's birthday.  (It's a big month of birthday's for us, including also our Aunty's on Saturday & my oldest friend's on the 14th!)  And had such a lovely time.

Apart from enjoying being with the family, and spending time with my fast growing niblings (pictured here in - 6 degree weather on top of Mount Wellington)

I kind of fell for Hobart in a way I haven't done on previous trips. Perhaps it's because, despite being a city girl through and through, just lately a little piece of me has started yearning for the country.

For a little dream of space and time, of lovely scenery, and lovely houses that haven't been priced out of my reach!  So maybe in my mind Hobart seemed a nice mix of the two.  An idyllic little country city!

And just look at the kind of things it has to offer and tell me they don't make your heart stop!

Or just melt completely!  (This proud little boy, fast becoming a man, brings a lump to my throat every time!)

And I fell hard for this most gorgeous little cottage, that was (oh joy) for sale...& was just reaching for my cheque book when the "Sold" sign loomed up to spoil the view (oh gloom)!!!!

(image from

Nevertheless, I think you'll agree Hobart has a lot of lovely to offer!! Will have to keep it on the list of places to consider when I want to consider places other than this!! 

Sleep time!  Take care...& another Happy Birthday for tomorrow...for everyone who's having a birthday!

Night all, Jones :)

PS: oh, and if you are now the proud, new owner of the idyllic cottage above, tell me... do you need an exceptional tenant?  I come with very good references, and promise to look after it just as if it were my very own!! ;)


  1. Such a gorgeous cottage! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I love Hobart and I love your blog!! Shall add to my roll of "must checks" :) Nicolexx

  3. Thank u Nicole :) As shall I yours ;) xx



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