Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frames a Plenty (Pt 2)

If I had a dollar for every frame we have sitting there sadly waiting for something even somewhat exciting to happen to it, I would catch the tram into town and spend up big!  Despite our best intentions, many frames are as yet, un-reinvented (is that a word?)...however that is all about to change.  We've previously shown a very bright, sweet little romantic picture with the glossy yellow frame  (A little ray of sunshine) - Part 1.

This is Part 2.  

Jones and I recently scored this gorgeous deep-set grey frame from a local op-shop and have been wondering what to do with it since.

The glass was in good condition and we loved it's natural pre-worn look so all that was left to do was think of something to put in it.

Inspired by a picture I'd recently seen (tutu-rose by Eleanore Bridge) of a sweet winters day, out came the pencils.  

For the picture's background I used a vintage Parisian children's dress pattern from the 50s (Marie-Claire) and also a French Elle dress pattern (which I think may be younger as the pattern paper has markings on it and they didn't in the 50s).  I used parts of both of these.

Here is the final product.  It's yet to have chain to lower the hanging.  I am not a fantastic photographer (I will definitely have to lure Richelle down from Sydney to do some photography for me sometime) so please do forgive me if you are unable to see in much detail, however I hope you get the idea :)

And just before you think that it completely lacks any sense of rock 'n roll...there's a cheeky tongue poke when your back is turned...

We decided to keep this original, "vintage?" feature ;-)

Tomas x


  1. How did you get to be so talented? This would look perfect in my house. Make me one?

  2. Delightful art! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  3. Thank you Kellie and Richelle. I enjoy both of your work very much also! :)



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