Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little ray of sunshine

This cute little frame came home with us from an Op Shop recently!

It's a beautiful picture, but looked a little...brown. So, a slap of paint or two, and voila...everything's looking a little more cheery all of a sudden!

I can just imagine sitting down to tea at this table, can't you?  So romantic and sweet!

We've got quite a few more projects on the go at the moment, so it's lots of fun!  Nothing better then making something come to life with your own special touch!!

BTW: We got our very first comment today!! So, very exciting!!!! The lovely Kellie from Ada & Darcy popped on by.  Kellie's blog is absolutely gorgeous, and I get inspiration there everyday!  So it's an honour to have you stop by here Kellie!  Speaking of special projects she's got her own beautiful one on the go right now, so stop on by to say 'Hi' and see what she's up to!

Night all!!

Jones :)

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