Sunday, April 18, 2010

A birthday to celebrate

My Dad's fabulous!  Today was his 60th birthday!  And he was skydiving!!!  I'm not sure if he was as nervous as I was, but he put on a very brave face as he flew up and away, and then dropped to the earth at the speed of light!  A short burst of adrenalin, but one he loved, and something to cross off the bucket list!

I'm very proud of him!   I hope that at 60 I'm as into life as he is.  Here's to another fabulous 60 Dad!!

After we'd dropped him at the football (his choice not mine!) my sister (who made a surprise trip up from Hobart for Dad's birthday), Tomas and I explored Geelong.  What a beautiful country city it was today.  The sun was warm, the bay was like glass, and the houses looking over the bay made me want to move there straight away!

We found a great market, real trash and treasure style and the bargains began as soon as walked in the front gate.

What a fantastic time we had and fantastic treasures we unearthed:  a bowling ball and bag, some nice crockery, a cute little table (for my sister to try and take home on the plane!!), and a "yesterday's trolley" now all have a nice new home!

Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as we did!

Bye for now, Jones :)


  1. Thanks Tomas and Jones for the great weekend. I had a ball exploring the markets with you two lovely ladies. I bet you have a busy week with renovating all your goodies. Happy birthday also to our brave Dad. No way I could jump out of a perfectly good plane!
    Well have a lovely week and thanks again.



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