Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magnolia Square pops up in Melbourne this week!

Magnolia Square pops up in Melbourne again, this week!!
And among the lovely sellers will be the fabulous Mitchell & Dent - all the way from perfect Perth!!

Whatever you do don't miss this...and if you're not in Melbourne check out when you can next catch this fantastic pop-up event in your city!

Jones :)


  1. Thanks for this post, my sister-in-law is in Melb for the next 2 weeks and loves Markets large and small! Have been telling her about the Magnolia Square ones so will pass on these dates to her :)

  2. Oh fantastic, happy to have helped. Maybe we'll see her there! ;)

  3. Sounds fabulous... I hope it comes to Sydney! xxx

  4. It sounds amazing...I'd go if I lived anywhere near Melbourne.

  5. It was great! We'll hopefully show you what we bought shortly (won't we, Tomas!).

    @Indie.Tea: add this to your list of reasons to visit Melbourne (or start one ;)

    @Kellie Collis: it sure does. In November. Check out the event dates on the site :)



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