Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What would you risk to gain it all?

One of my favourite reads is Julien Smith's In Over Your Head.  He has a great knack of saying the very things I need to hear (such as this, this & this).

This week though, it was actually one of his guest bloggers who caught my attention with this statement: "It's a lot easier to take risks if you have less to lose." ("One Way of Abolish Risk" Everette Bogue)

Could he be any more right?

We stop ourselves from accomplishing the things we can only dare dream about because we have tied ourselves down with things...mortgages, car loans, furniture, clothes...the lovely things that we think will help us make a lovely life...but too often they just hold us back.
{image from Bilal Mirza}
Is there anything you wish you could accomplish but don't feel you can?!

Well, reduce your life overhead to succeed at risk taking, says Bogue!  "If your life costs $6,000 a month, and you suddenly quit your job to pursue what’s important to you, you’ll quickly drown. If your life costs $1,000 a month, you’ll be able to risk it all in order to build a better life."

I'm gonna have to put some serious thought into this!

So, thanks to Julien Smith for always dishing up the stuff that keeps me thinking!  I'm off to read his latest guest post, from Chris Brogan no less, oh, and also to subscribe to Bogue's blog "Far beyond the stars". {He's location independent, currently working from Oakland CA.  Nice!}

How successful have you been with risk taking?  All words of advice very gratefully received! :)

Thanks, Jones :)


  1. It's amazing how little you miss once you cut down the lifestyle overheads and start living more simply. For me getting out of the rat race a year ago was far less of a shock because in the years leading up to it I had reduced my compulsion to buy unnecessary things and had started to live on a lot less money. Now I choose to work part time in hospitality and live on about a quarter of what I used to. I don't miss a whole lot (well maybe some of the expensive dinners!) and feel grateful for the life experiences that I am able to have because I have *time* in my life.

  2. Tresna, thanks so much for stopping by & sharing your experience!

    It's so fantastic to hear from someone who's putting this lifestyle into practice & we've been inspired by hearing even just this small bit of your story!

    Look forward to hearing more through your blog & Twitter!

    Thank you!!



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