Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea with the dansant

A recent fav read here at Tomas & Jones is the dansant.  A blog & shop by three friends who have impeccable taste, and more than a passing love of tea!

(image from the dansant)

They have dedicated each Tuesday to tea (Tea Tuesday), have created a lovely Flickr group dedicated to all things tea, and invite their readers to add their own tea time pics.  These pictures then find their way to the Tea Tuesday blog posts! Gorgeous!

Tomas & I are particularly fond of tea as well, and most evenings here end with a nice cup of it. Well, as Ms TD says "We, busy hardworking 21st century women, we have to take care of ourselves when it comes to pampering... Tea time above all, is a time to treat and pamper yourself!"

Head on over to the Flickr group for the lovely images there, and why not pop in for tea with the dansant next Tuesday!

PS: Even if tea's not your...uh...cup of tea, so to speak, don't forget to make some time to look after yourself & rejunvenate your soul!

Night, Jones :)

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