Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crafternoon Delight

What a lovely Winter's day for a little Crafternoon Delight, don't you think?  Over here at Tomas & Jones we decided it would be our weekend's 'one weakness' :)  So we decided to host our very first Crafternoon Tea in our Studio.

Jones at work on the food :) 

Guests Hayley & Jones' Mum

Jones' dear mum gave a crocheting demonstration however projects ranged from crocheting to knitting to sketching with pastels, and I think if it's not already obvious, to eating!!  I think there was an obvious obsession on the latter for the photographer ;)  More pics on the projects next time.

We were delighted also to have Tania from To Buy a Fat Pig Skype in with her creative children, who had clever projects going of their own.

What a splendid way to savour an afternoon being creative with friends.    

Next time you're ALL invited! :)

Tomas & Jones xx

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