Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb, Fab & Fit

Subscribing to Jacq from's method of 12in12 February has brought about a new 'month of goal'.

Following our month of finding a daily flinch to overcome in January, Februrary is the month of fitness!  [enough with the F words!].  The Biggest Losers are getting into the swing of it, and so are we!

Runners are the new look at T & J

We commit to some form of exercise for EVERY DAY of the month of February!  (eek!)

Did anyone notice that we chose Feb to be fab & fit as it's the shortest month?  But also because we don't want to put off the benefits we know will be coming our way!

So the rules:
1.  Commit to the fab & fit way of living every single day in matter what!

2.  After Februrary?...
  • If we love it (or can endure it) - continue it!  
  • If we decide it's not for us...smugness points for the month that was!
We love the short, do-able commitment.  We love the chance to try new things.  We will love the feeling of our new skinny jeans in March!

This concept can be applied in business, lifestyle, relationships, leisure etc.!  It's like a chocolate box of SMART goals!

Any fun, fitness ideas & tips you may want to throw our way are most welcome!  

A great alternative to the New Year's resolution, it's not too late to jump on the 12in12 bandwagon...for more ideas jump onto

Good luck!

Tomas & Jones x

Image Source: 
Vintage Pattern - Davenport & Co
Black Asics Runners - Finish Line store
Nike Pumps - Mall Stock
'Stuck' together by Tomas & Jones 

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  1. I like how you ladies do monthly challenges like this.

    You should maybe look at

    They have a 30 day challenge that change every month. The one that started for Feb is about being a good corporate citizen and they give you a task a day!



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