Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I should be...

...writing something on this "wee" little blog today! (A week with my lovely Kiwi friend showing itself here!)

But I don't really have the concentration to do so.

(Little Maple Friends | by Amy Earles)

I should be gathering some thoughts and putting them down to share.

But my thoughts are a bit scattered, bit incoherent!

(image from Style Me Pretty)

I should be working my way through the to-do list I had planned for myself for tonight.

But here it is 7.45pm already, and the only thing that's really caught my attention so far tonight was the Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Specials, and the reference to the Bishop of Candleford made to Julia Sawalha.

(Image from Anthropologie catalogue, via Sweet as a Peach)

I should be sorting, cleaning up, minimising.

But instead I'm just adding new items to the mix.

(You can buy this from Tutu Chic Boutique)

I should have. I would have. I could have.

But all I've done so far is look at some pretty pictures, and read a few good blogs.

Do you like them?

Jones xx

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