Monday, January 30, 2012

Here comes the bride!

Weddings are a bit of a theme here at T&J at the moment.

Lovely friends Bec & Dean tied the knot in a beautiful, perfectly themed vintage wedding the weekend before last (congratulations to the bride and groom); and Tomas is off to see a wedding celebrant about a job tomorrow. (You may say that two things do not a theme make, but it's my blog and I'll exaggerate to make a point if I want to!)

So then, it should come as no surprise that BHLDN is a hit! Anthropologie's wedding arm is so on the money it hurts!

(BHLDN's Pleated Fantasy Gown)
If and when I am in the market for all things wedding this is the very first stop on my list!

But even before then they have plenty to keep me happy.

For instance:

(Party-Ready, by BHLDN from BHLDN on Vimeo.)

But a girl doesn't have to have a wedding pending to fall in love with these lovelies:

(BHLDN's New Gowns from BHLDN on Vimeo.)

And "next time" T&J are in Houston this is on the list of must visit shops:

(BHLDN + Houston from BHLDN on Vimeo.)

Enjoy the eye candy, then pop over to BHLDN to explore the beauty that awaits :)

Sweet dreams are made of this!

T&J xx


  1. Those photos from Bec & Dean's wedding are STUNNING! Without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. And I know all those people from school! Mr Reye taught me science. Lol.

  2. @Neen It certainly was a gorgeous gorgeous wedding! And the rain really did add to the atmosphere. They are such a creative pair!

    So great that it was a trip down memory lane for you too!! #smallworld!

  3. Wow, doing a catch up of your blog and so excited to see I made it!!! He he, famous now! Glad you liked the wedding, so much fun to create. Feel a big creative hole now....

    1. Well young lady! So great to have you stop by!! You are indeed famous on the world wide web of T&J, and beyond I'm sure ;)

      You'll need to find another venture to turn your creative attention to. Clever girl like you should be able to find something...!

  4. I have lots of ideas, just no energy. I need a craft slave to do my bidding for me!!!



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