Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30, the magic number?

Who knew there was so much to love about 30 (hey Tomas?!), but seems we're seeing 30 everywhere now that we've gotten started.

Today's 30 is from the lovely Christina, of Hair Romance.  She of the beautifully coiffed and twisted locks.
(30 Hairstyles in 30 days by Christina)
Earlier this year Christina set herself the challenge of creating a new hairstyle every day for 30 days.  She pinned and tucked her way through the month, and did such a fantastic job of it, that she's collated it into the Hair Romance eBook, detailing all the tips and tricks involved. Great news for those of us who are stylistically challenged!

Check it out, and nab yourself a new do, or 30!

Christina's blog, Hair Romance, also has lots of great hair flavoured information and news, and includes some nice video tutorials.  So worth a nice browse, especially when you're looking for some hair-spiration.

Good luck!

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