Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

Tomas has a birthday coming up, and being a significant one, she has decided to treat herself to something to remember the day by properly.

Her gift of choice to herself?

A Toy Watch...yes, that's capital T, capital W! (12 is not the significant number here folks!)

One of these lovelies is now winging it's way to her own excited wrist!

They're very good looking, yes?!

(Image from Toy Watch USA)

{Speaking of which Taye's not bad either!!}

(Image from Toy Watch USA)

Which one did she choose?

This little beauty on the right down below.

The countdown to the birthday has begun!

(Image from Toy Watch Australia)

Anybody else planning to treat themselves this birthday?!

Jones xx


  1. Ooh that's a gorgeous birthday choice! But what is even more gorgeous is the dee-lightful parcel I received in the mail today!!!!

    You two sweethearts have spoilt me so! I looove my moustache hoop of lovely-ness! And the photos of you are fabulous!

    But....drum roll, please........the Mannekin Pis necklace had me positively squealing with delight! I then did a mad dash from the mail box into my flat in case any passers got a whiff of it. If they had of I would surely have been robbed.

    Thank you so much you kind hearted, creative and fabulous souls.

  2. Fabulous choice of birthday treat for self! I love it! Nicolex

    PS And since I see you here Janine, THANKS for popping over to First House, love when I get new visitors x

    PPS Which of course means THANKS to Tomas & Jones for telling Janine about First House x

  3. Oh my goodness Janine & Nicole! You two gals are just so gorgeous! Two favourites with us for sure!! ...and it's nice to introduce to faves to each others blogs.




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