Monday, April 11, 2011

The 6 Amazing years of Ahmya!

She's a bundle of sweetness, brightness & fun
The beauty of springtime, the warmth of the sun
She's innocence covered with mud, sand & soot
She's motherhood dragging a doll by the foot...

She's a composite picture of giggles & tears
Of tantrums, excitement, amusement & fears
A bundle of mischief and often a tease
A creature of moods not easy to please...

Who'll capture your heart with her pixie-like grin
Or chatter and beg till your patience wears thin
But obedient, naughty, mischievous or coy
She's our little darling, our sweet pride & joy
(Author unknown, found here)

To the very beautiful Ahmya:

You make the sun sunnier, fun funnier,
and our lives so much more delightful.

Love you muchly gorgeous girl!

Love Aunty Jones


  1. Gorgeous post Jones. She's certainly a little cutie.
    Tomas x

  2. They grow up ridiculously fast, don't they! Nicolex



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