Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A tale of two cushions

Jones & I have both made a cushion each for the comfort of the couch & a little personal touch.  We both love Melbourne and have both at different times lived in London - both of these places are dear to our hearts & we wanted to reflect this in some way.  

Jones is a whiz with the sewing machine, but this is fairly new to me however in the words of handmade crafterneers everywhere, perfection is in the imperfection.

Jones used a beautiful linen bus roll panel for the front which poses a striking silhouette against the pale chair don't you think?

A clever little secret on the back: I love the stitched tram details!

& striped piping!

The Union Jack, a nervous venture for me, but I love to experiment with detail in the texture as opposed to colour.

Perhaps a sneaky mobile phone could fit into this pocket while cuddling up with a nice book?

A match made in linen wouldn't you say? 

Tomas x

Special mention to Patchwork on Central Park where we get many lovely linens and materials.


  1. Good God, you two are crafty minxes! I just popped over to tell you I love them... I want them... they would look sensational on my sofa!

    Angela x

  2. Angela! Thanks so much. You're too kind!

    (PS: We might have to look at putting some in shop :)



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