Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crafty Spice has a birthday

This is the fabulous Miss C!

A very modern Miss she loves to dress to the nine's and rock it with the best of them...then come home and take out her knitting!

So when said Miss C's birthday was rolling round it was no surprise to hear that her birthday wish was "craft things"!

Her intuitive mother kindly passed this information on to her geographically distanced aunt, along with an excellent link to Ashley's very cool idea for craft in a jar, and voila, a gift was born!

(Oops, forgot to get a photo.  So, imagine if you will the contents above, in a jar, with this label and a little cloth cap.)
And it was declared by the birthday girl "This is the best present a little girl could get."

So all you aunts out there looking for a gift for their gorgeous little Miss, this one's a winner!!

Happy Birthday to the very beautiful Miss C! 
(Can't wait to see what you make, with these craft things,
& with your lovely life xx :)
Lots of love
Aunty Jones xx


  1. i love this idea! so clever!

  2. Gorgeous pieces! Loving the organization! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  3. Will have to put them all back and take a pic for you we have a public holiday on mon so am sure some craft will be done then

  4. I love it! Gave the little miss c in our life a similar present for Christmas but didn't look anywhere near as beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Nicolexx



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