Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hug me, I'm leaving!

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Since Sunday I've been doing more reading, and exploring.  The more you read the more you find hey!

Following our last post Charles (from @100thgallery) shared with us that he and his wife have both chucked in their day jobs to chase their dreams (which is completely cool!), and said "it's almost as if there is something in the water that is making us question ourselves, our careers, our directions, motivations etc." And said that most of his friends are doing the same thing.

And he's right!  I guess we are in a unique position in history to even be able to consider the option of self-employment, location-independence, following our passions, etc!  We literally have the world at our finger tips right now in a way that even 5 years ago was not possible!

I hadn't heard of Maren Kate before today, but I caught a link Everett Bogue tweeted to her latest blog post today: "21 Reasons You Should Work for Yourself".

It was great.  You should read it.  The following sentence hooked me at the start, and made me distinctly uncomfortable, as I recognised myself when she she spoke of trying to help friends who lament their current work situations : "I listen and feel bad, I often try to help by explaining ‘oh you could do this and start your own business’ but too many people nod yes, but in their hearts know they’ll never take the plunge."

Close to home anyone? Do you want to be that person?...I certainly don't anymore!

She goes on to share, you guessed it, 21 reasons why working for yourself is awesome...and you know what...most of those 21 reasons, on their own, would be reason enough!  But 21 of them altogether are pretty compelling.

Serendipitously, Julien Smith today blogged: "The Quick, 12-step Guide to Quitting that Job You Hate".  Oh my goodness...he was blogging my day...I swear he had a video camera in my office and was getting down my day thought for thought...right up until Noon!  I'm still working on that bit...but I love how it ends with the person quitting before lunch time, and coming out of the office "possibly glowing"!  And I love the comments from people who've done it, or are doing it just as he wrote it.  I love the guy whose resignation was "Hug me, I'm leaving!"

So, actions taken today:
  • Finished reading Smalltopia by Tammy Strobel.
  • Bought a fantastic set of eBooks/Courses from Only72.com. {For 72 hours you can score 23 business courses from some of the hottest names in this space.  That's $1,052 value for just $97!!  Get in quick!}
Actions for tomorrow:
  • Working up to a little quitting at noon action!
  • Coffee at Friends of Mine at 12.30 anyone? (LOL)
As Charles so rightly challenged, "if not now, when?"

PS: we think what Charles & Samantha have/are doing is so great!  You can find out more about what they're up to at One Hundredth Gallery (@100thgallery) & Backstage at Bento (@ThisIsBento).

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  1. Thanks for the mentions! Here is another great read... http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/ To be honest, I've only half read it, but that's all it took to make me question everything!



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