Monday, October 11, 2010

Friends of Mine

Melbourne...a fantastic Fantastic new cafe!  Opened just last Thursday it's already part of our short list and here's why...

Jones & I love to frequent the very best cafes Melbourne has to offer & we think we've just found ourselves a bright, shiny newy from those also responsible for Porgie & Mr Jones.

Friends of Mine in Richmond is just de-lightful!!! Loved every second of our rendezvous and made quite the afternoon of it!  From the decadent chandeliers (yes plural) to the bright yellow stools, industrial glam is how I would describe this hot new piece of delicious.

That's all amazing, but let's not forget the food!  We could have stayed there all day and tasted every item from the menu!

It may look unusual (although very pretty), but the beetroot tzatziki with chips was a lovely flavour.

Now on to dessert and coffee...

Who doesn't adore scones?  I can't go past them at any time.

Friends of Mine gave such amazingly prompt service that no sooner had we ordered coffees and macaroons to round out the end of the dinner time, than our coffees arrived.  In fact, so prompt were they we told the waiter they were not our coffees (as where in Melbourne can you get an excellent cup within seconds, nay minutes?).  But they were ours!  And they were good!

We must say, the very best macaroons we've had!  The textures and flavours were spot on.  You may spy 3 macaroons...well the delightful gentleman running the joint sweetly included a complimentary third  "to complete the pretty pastel palette."  What more could a girl want than that we say!

As you must be able to tell, this little fresh blood will not be so lightly patroned long...we're predicting queues to match the best of them!

And we're not the only ones...

Tomas x


  1. Looks delicious! So glad I am coming over next weekend. Might have to try it out!

  2. Will definitely be our first stop in TWO weekends time ;) lol
    Looking forward to it! x



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