Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bedside Tables in Under a Week!

Our DIY mission (which we perhaps too hastily accepted?) is to turn two of these yellowed, weather & time damaged bedside tables into a lovely wedding gift for my cousin who is getting married this weekend... [I pause for the effect of that statement to take place] ...!

Have we left it too late?!

One table's sorry state before impending reno.

Yikes!  Ok, better get collecting some inspiration!!...

Image via Paint Me White

What a gorgeous Frenched grey little cabinet from Paint Me White.  We could learn a few tricks from their recycled vintage expertise!  Here's the before...

Image via Paint Me White

Perhaps something shiny & glamourous such as this Mirror bedside table by Graham & Green.

Image via Epiploaris

Oooh...look at this!  Gorgeousness from The Belle Escape!  Love the mixture of the dark wood & the distressed paint.
Image via The Bell Escape

Here's a lovely DIY shabby chic job done by Sandra over at Chic Home.

Image via Chic Home

Vintage crystal knobs?

Some beautiful paint brush is calling.  Any brilliant ideas and pics of your DIYs are very welcome!  

Pics of the final product will be posted soon!!  Wish us luck!

Tomas x

Click here to see how the final product turned out! :)  Let us know what you think x



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