Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bedside tables in Under a Week! Finally.

At last!  After our huge rush we forgot to post the results of the bedside tables we were doing up for lovely cousin's wedding present!

Ok, so Bride and Groom are both big Buble fans...

...and we can't think why you wouldn't be ;)

(Buble images via regardingannie who is also a big fan)

...erm...anyway, so with that in mind we set to work.  We also thought a little his & hers might be nice.

The tops feature aged His & Her Chairs with matching Sinatra/Buble script.

You saw the here's the after.  Of course a little white never hurt anyone :)

and these are white!!  Silly camera/photographer! ;)

 Just slightly distressed on the edges to match the faded look of the chairs and script.

Pink draw knob for her...& colourless for him.  Also different shapes.

Not sure why he'd have a jar of matches beside his bed, but it is hard to find manly, rustic things just lying about :)

Please let us know what you think and we'd love to see some of the DIY projects you have going on!

So wishing many years of bliss for Donna & Gavin - happiest married couple - and most gorgeous! ;)

Tomas & Jones x

PS cousin...I really am coming with very large bonbonniere stamp for the underside!!  And Gavin, I'm keeping Feb free for Buble - Tomas


  1. Oh adopted cousin, I DO love your blog and these bedside tables for Mr & Mrs Sporle are just darling!

    You are now added to my google reader and I look forward to all future posts!

  2. He'd have a jar of matches by his bed because he would be the one in charge of lighting the candles ;) What a fabulous job you both have done!! Beautiful! Nicolexx

  3. shucks! Thanks you two lovely ladies!!

    Neen: Completely right back at ya! I am excited to be receiving your next blog in my inbox soon I hope!! x

    Nicole: Absolutely right! That's why! :) Glad you like the reno :) x

  4. Really lovely job young lady! Captured the mood exactly! Proud of you...

    xx Jones in Venice



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