Saturday, September 4, 2010

The art of Spring...and polka dots!!

Happy Spring!! 

Isn't the melting chill a beautiful thing?  It's time to shrug off those heavy winter coats (well, almost if you're from Melbourne) and think about softer and more colourful fabrics.  

Jones and I have been struck with Spring fever and are most excited at the blooms, breezes and turns of a flowing skirt to show the slightest hint of warmer charms to come!  

This delightfully Spring-inspiring art by Maria Szollosi (aka Mariska) is so deliciously beautiful!  Her fabulous fashion illustrations are completely gorgeous, and she has long been a favourite here at Tomas & Jones.  

Maria has a breath-taking portfolio including fine art, fashion illustrations, clothing and calendars all at Red Bubble!  I know you will fall in love with her stunning style, and feel yourself elevating into the same spring fever we are indulging in now - no matter where in the world you are!

Get your polka dots out!  I guarantee you'll be floating on 'cloud spring' for the rest of the season!

note the stockings! image via bloomingleopold

image via Picnic by Ellie

image via Jake Holt

Have a dotty weekend! 

Tomas x


  1. I love polka dots. evidenced here:

  2. We've been lovin' your polka dotted twitter pic Shilo!!

  3. I keep checking back for a new post, hint hint :)

  4. Yes Kellie, what a cute matching couple ;)

    Do check again soon Princess & the Pea! We've got a couple :)



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