Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspiration all around

The lovely Pea Princess reminded us gently yesterday that it's been awhile since we last posted!  But rest assured...we haven't just been sitting around doing nothing!

(Image by Evil Erin) of the 'other' things we've been doing is devouring some of the eBooks and eCourses that now live on the online!

It's inspiring to hear the stories and advice of people who are doing things you aspire to, so we have been learning a lot!

Anyway, thought you might be interested too, so here's some of the things we're reading that are inspiring us at the moment:

Smalltopia - Tammy Strobel
Tammy is a minimalist inspiration!  She gave up her day job at the start of this year to begin her own business!  She shares her wisdom on working for yourself and living a fulfilling minimalist lifestyle over at Rowdy Kittens.

Smalltopia is her new eBook, a practical guide to working for yourself.  It's got great tips and advice from someone who's done it, and also includes case studies from other location independent, minimalist achievers!

I'm still reading my way through it, but find something great each time I read.
(Disclaimer: the Smalltopia links are affiliate links :)

5 Ways to Increase Profit in your Online Craft Biz - Jessica Van Den
Interesting title promising an interesting eCourse, and the first lesson yesterday (around being organised) spoke directly to the creative hearts of both of us!  Jessica is a generous and prolific artist, and I can't wait to see what else she has in store.
Creating Action e-Course - Tara Gentile
"Creating Action is an 8-part mini eCourse on creating action out of inspiration - moving you past procrastination and into accomplishment."

Have only just signed up for this one, but procrastination is a big humbug of mine, so I'm really interested to see what Tara has to say about this.
These are just a few!  But we're also lining up to read:
If you've read something that's inspired you lately we'd love to hear about it, and add it to our reading list!

Have an inspired day!

Jones :)


  1. Oh, thank you for the lovely comments! Really glad to hear the first lesson struck a chord ;)

  2. Thank you for the inspiration, really enjoying it :)



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