Thursday, April 8, 2010

OK, let's go!

So, it was Saturday night & I was trawling my growing list of unread blogs (as you do). I came across a post on Daydream Lily introducing Bam Bam Creative's beautiful handmade homewares and it's owner Jess. So of course I checked it out for myself, and it's gorgeous, very well worth a good look around! While there I came upon Jess' cute as a button pin cushion tutorial.

So, there being no time like the present, after a quick scrounge in the cupboard I found the necessary ingredients and knocked up my own very gorgeous cushion for pins!

So, pleased with myself for being so crafty and productive on a Saturday night! And so pleased to be now following Jess at Bam Bam! Thanks Jess :)

Now, on a celebratory note: today is Tomas' birthday!! Tomas, of Tomas & Jones fame! Could there be a more auspicious time to start this blog going? So here's to Tomas & Jones...& especially here's to Tomas! Looking forward to taking this ride with you...& wishing you the best year of your life!!

Night all!

Jones :)

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