Friday, April 9, 2010

Success = ?

Arrived back to work after a day off to find my Manager has been fired. And that today was his last day. We are all gutted. Such a lovely, fun, dedicated gentleman he is. And for what? He wasn't told. The (new) CEO merely told him he wasn't performing as expected, but didn't elaborate on what exactly what expected.

Not good for him, and not good for the rest of us who are now left to wonder if we are "performing as expected". And wondering if we even want to work for a company that would treat one of it's best employees this way.

Later in the day I was searching an image library for a picture to accompany an article on this quarter's performance results. When using the keyword "success" the whole first page of images returned were of money!

Is this success! Will our company be more successful now because it's shed some alleged dead weight? (& he's by no means the first nor will he be the last). Will we sacrifice our values and integrity to the higher 'good' of success? And will our shareholders thank us then, even if our customers no longer do?

This is not a unique story, but it hasn't been this close to home for me yet, so it's very sobering.

Anyway, here's to Rob! A fine gentleman, a fabulous role model, & someone with some brand new opportunities just around the bend. God bless!

And so's Friday, the start of another weekend, not as long as the last one, but highly anticipated nonetheless!

Make sure you take some time in it to nurture your soul & feed your passions.


Jones :)

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