Sunday, March 4, 2012

March is all about...

So Feb was about being fab and fit, trying to do some exercise every day.  It started off well, but did kind of peeter off towards the end.

But that's ok, cause fitness is one of those habits that will continue on for the rest of the year.  So some exercise continues every day in March.

In March we're also throwing in some throwing out!  Every day we'll be throwing out one item from our ludicrously over crammed house.  Whatever it is, one item a day...wondering whether a house with 31x2 less things in it will look any different, but I guess it depends on the things.

In the meantime, this fun run made us think that if ever there was going to be anything that could convince us to run 5k it would be this!

What do you reckon!  Looks FUN!!

Find out more at

Hope March is off to a great start....

Tomas & Jones xx

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  1. I really do love your monthly goals. I know I've said that before but I just really, really do. Throwing one thing away each day is a great way to declutter. I was inspired by Miss Epheriell Designs and have been on a de-cluttering mission too. I've made it my goal to get rid of one thing a week for the whole year. My wardrobe is starting to actually look tidy!



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