Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proud of yourself

(Image by Sycamore Street Press)

Are you proud of yourself, and the service you're providing?

These guys sure are.  Sometimes you just know when you have the goods.  

Other times you might not be so sure... and often I fall into the latter category.

But if other people believe in you, and you don't, what message is that sending to them.  You're doing them a disservice aren't you?

And if you don't believe in you then why are you working so hard on "it"; working on "it" until all hours of the night; thinking about "it" when you finally do go to bed; waking up early to work on "it" some more!

I think we all need to have a little more faith in what we're doing.  (I certainly do, in my day job and in my night/wee hours of the morning job.)

Sometimes you do need to fake it till you make it. To give yourself the title of "Best Lion Tamer on the Planet", and reminding yourself this until you start to believe it.

And hey, it's working for these guys. I kind of almost want to buy this book just so I can see what the best homemade baby food on the planet is like!!

(If you're similarly convinced you can find out more about the book on

((And if you like pictures of gorgeous baby's with peas smooshed all around their cute as a button lips, then check out the post on Sycamore Street Press).

Have a good day, love

The Best "Lion Tamer" on the Planet (aka Jones xx)

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