Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes we just can't be bothered...

And if you're a regular reader of Tomas & Jones, you'll know that just lately has been one of those times (or a whole bunch of those times strung out together).

So while we get back into the swing of things round here, we thought we'd choose some daily snippets from the lovely bloggers who can be bothered, and keep on posting the interesting stuff regularly, and who we love for it!

So for a moody Monday, here's thanks to Pip Lincolne with: "Clare & Lanie"

This sweet song has got us bopping round the studio.

What a fantastic collaboration between Clare Bowditch and Lanie Lane.  The song itself it great, but check out the cute as anything video clip that goes with it, and you'll be head over heels!

Makes me want to pick up a guitar, smear on some fabulous lipstick, and head to a recording studio asap!!

Jones xx


  1. I completely get that feeling! Hope you're week has started well ladies, Nicolex

  2. My lovelies! You are back(ish). I have missed your bloggity blogging...(says she, who currently can't be ass'd to blog herself).

    I love this clip. I've watched it twice - I like how everyone is smiling. Happy days!



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