Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can't be bothered to blog, but I did do my hair!

I am notorious (with myself and my hairdresser) for not being bothered to do my hair.

It's reasonably long, and I go to the effort of getting it coloured and cut regularly, but invariably (read every day) I just pull it into a knot at the top of my head.  I can't be bothered, and am therefore out of practice with styling it.

Therefore, lately I've been very interested in tutorials showing how to do your hair in your sleep...literally!

So, following on with our week of non-botherment, here's Tutorially Tuesday, thanks to Love Maegan with: No Heat SJP Big Curls with Twisted Buns

(Image by Love Maegan)
I tried this yesterday.  It didn't work as well on my hair as Maegan's, but it still gave me some good curl and body, and any lack was most likely due to my lack lustre styling techniques.

So all in all it was good, and I'll definitely be doing this one again. (Thanks to my sister - she who was blessed with naturally gorgeous curls - for passing this one my way!)

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday :)

Jones xx

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