Monday, June 20, 2011

We're back to state our Case

Well after a short break - we weren't just putting our feet up - getting our new "Web Design for Small Businesses" ventures going, we're back!

To commemorate, or to "break the bottle" as you will, we decided to get us some Jackie Case!

Jackie's pieces can be found around Melbourne.  Recently, a gorgeous little collection was showing (and selling) at the lovely Three Bags Full Cafe.  Pieces were hot property when we were last there!

Our little pencil & collage nugget was too special to walk past.

Photo of Jackie Case Art taken by Tomas & Jones
Photo of Jackie Case Art taken by Tomas & Jones

Don't you love her little owl face?  And the pencil drawing is so intricate and layered you can stare at it for days!

Photo of Jackie Case Art taken by Tomas & Jones

 Visit Jackie Case Art to see more of these delicate, works of art...and perhaps you're feeling like a celebratory purchase of some kind yourselves...?

"We can all fly" - Image via Jackie Case Art


  1. Aww...shucks! We've missed you! Happy to be back in the blogisphere :)

    T & J x



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