Monday, May 23, 2011


Image by Harvest Textiles
Popcraft has popped up in Melbourne!  If you have half the colour OCD I seem to posess, you'll love this collection and how it's been presented!  Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

So handy, located right next to Harvest Workroom, we can't wait to pop over & drown in the yarny texture and textile.

Thanks to Harvest Textiles for the heads up! :)  Check them out for more info.

Image by Harvest Textiles
Image by Harvest Textiles
Image by Harvest Textiles
Don't forget to check out both Popcraft and Harvest Textiles if you haven't already...truely beautiful blogs!

On a side note, here are my latest Marc Johns Challenge post-its...can you tell we were working on a "somewhat annoying" wp glitch?

Image by Tomas & Jones

1 minute of post-it-ing...better than a month of therapy, I'm sure!

Have a great week lovelies!



  1. LOVE how it's presented, somewhere nice to visit next time I'm in Melbourne :) Nicolex

  2. Also wanted to say a very big THANKS for your pep talk and encouragement re my weight journey! Everyone has been so, so kind :) Nx

  3. Thanks for the plug gang. Hope to see you down there for a colour fix. Emma x

  4. Thanks for popping by lovely ladies :) Love your blog & what you guys are doing over at Harvest Textiles, Emma :) Would love to come & try it all out sometime. x

    Isn't it gorgeous Nicole? Definitely come soon, it's only for a short time. And you're an inspirational lady! Can't cheer for you enough! Tx



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