Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 - 1 = Bliss

Monday was a public holiday here in Victoria (amongst other states), and Tomas & I used it to practice some imagining our future work lives (ala The Secret) when we work in our lovely studio all day :)

: A bit of a sleep in :

Image by REHAM

: A nice walk to our local for a coffee :

Image by Tomas & Jones

: Some exercise (on a public holiday you can definitely count the walk to get the coffee) :

Image by Tomas & Jones

: Finally some lovely work in the studio, crafting and blogging :

Image by Tomas & Jones

Image by Tomas & Jones

Image by Tomas & Jones

Image by Tomas & Jones

: A spot of lunch at Dukes Coffee Roasters :

Image by Fresh Ground

: And a quick trip to Borders for some supplies (is it just at the Jam Factory or is there an air of shambolic doom over all Borders now?) :

: Home to find we'd locked ourselves out of the house :

: Quick trip to meet my Dad to get the spare key (lucky he still had it after his recent stay) :

Buy this at Benfloeter's, Suddenly it's Real Etsy shop

: Home (take 2) to finish off the day's objects so that they could have their photo taken for posting :

: Washing :

Image by Dig, Lazarus, Dig

: Some more blogging and crafting :

: A quick catch-up on Skype with my sister :

: Dinner with our friends from Private Practice (thx Plus7) :

: Packaging up a parcel for a lovely friend :

Image by Forest Bound & check out her lovely Etsy shop

: Shower :

: Bed :

5 - 1 definitely = some lovely bliss around here!

All in all a very pleasant day, and one that both of us agreed we would be very pleased to have on a much more regular basis.

If you had an extra day this past weekend then hope yours was lovely too!!

Jones xx


  1. Glad you had such a lovely day! And I say, you can always count the walk to get the coffee! Hope the rest of the week is fab for you too! Nicx

  2. Ooh and now I know that picture number three in this post was for me! So spoilt am I. And such sweet wrapping of it too.

  3. @ Nicole - Right you are! Hope you've had a top week...we see you've acquired some lovely new readers x

    @ Janine - ;) your powers of sleuthness are unbeatable! We are MOST pleased you are enjoying our little love tokens x



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