Monday, February 14, 2011

What's on your online magazine rack?

Magazines, magazines, they are so lovely to read, flick through, use for inspiration, or to just display on a coffee table!

And nowadays we're lucky enough that so many gorgeous online mags are making an appearance as well!

Here's just a few we've been reading lately!

A new Australian mag, founded by designer Loni Parker.  It features cool homes, lovely things you might like to buy, and places you might like to stay.

The current edition even features the very lovely Kellie from Ada & Darcy.

Covet Garden
Covet Garden features the spaces of creative, artistic people, that really show the passions of the people who inhabit them.

Beautifully photographed and presented for your covetous, voyeuristic pleasure!

Thelma Magazine
Thelma is an exciting, experimental mag that's currently evolving here in Melbourne.

The girls over at Thelma are putting in a huge effort for the flood relief, so now would be a great time to pop over, check them out and see how you can help!

Lonny Magazine
Lonny is all about gorgeous interiors, innovative bloggers, and the best shopping under the sun!

"We value individual style and independent thinking, and are convinced that inspired design can be achieved anywhere—from the smallest studio apartment to the grandest estate." (Lonny > About Us)

Well, that's a few from us...what are you enjoying reading at the moment?

Have a great day! :)

Jones :)

PS: Don't forget we've got a Giveaway on at the moment and, just between you and me, I'd love YOU to win it, so get on over and enter!!


  1. Gorgeous magazine collection! Thank you for the lovely mention. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  2. what a fun collection of magazines!! LOVE lonny!!

  3. @Kellie Always a pleasure...hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

    @Sandy Thx Sandy! Loving it too! Thanx for joining us :)



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