Monday, February 14, 2011

I'd poke my eye out for you Valentine + GIVEAWAY

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's!!

Whether you're out on a romantic rendezvous with your crush, painting the town pink with your girls, watching a little TV with your love, or throwing toothpicks at a picture of the ex, here's our Valentine's Day message especially just for you:

"I'd poke my eye out for you."

Introducing the first in our new { Girl in a Hoop } series!

Check out our new Tomas & Jones Etsy Shop to meet our other cute characters.

Giveaway Announcement:
To celebrate the launch of this series we're most excited to throw a giveaway YOUR way!

All you have to do is:
  1. Become a follower of Tomas & Jones over on the right there ->
  2. Check out all three designs at our Etsy Shop
  3. Tell us in the comments section below which { Girl in a Hoop } you like best & what you did on Valentine's Day.
  4. Tweet this or mention it on your blog for an extra entry, and don't forget to link to it in the comments.
Winner will be drawn at random one week from Valentine's Day and will be announced on the T&J blog along with an email to the winner.

Our gift for you today:
Two free Valentine's desktop wallpapers (free download):

Poke My Eye Out Pink Valentine:
Click to download in size 2000 x 1250 or 1600 x 1200

Valentine's Napkin:
Click to download your size 2000 x 1250 or 1600 x 1200

Lots of LOVE!

Tomas & Jones xx

PS - T&J take no responsibility for any pokes in the eye and will not be held liable for any eye patches needed (no matter how cool they are).


  1. Absolutely love your new [Girl in a Hoop] series. So clever and cute and I think the little Punk is definitely my favourite.

    My Valentine's Day wasn't overly romantic, although a pink lamington was shared with my Mr which was both lovely and delicious!

  2. Oh my goodness girls! Just checked out all the designs on your etsy store (so cute by the way) and I think we can all guess which one is my favourite.....BOYS ARE MY ONE WEAKNESS!!!!!!
    Oh Dorcas, how I have missed thee.

    As for my flowers, chocolates, a text message and a chocolate rose....but all from people in relationships with other people! Weird I know. I think there was some major 'I'm trying to be nice to you because I know you dont like me dating your friend' sucking up going on. But I ate the chocolates anyway xx

  3. Loving your shop girls! All three of your hoops are adorable. Punk Glam is my fav - I want my very own pair of her funky green leggings.

    V.Day was dreadful. Husband and I both woke up with food poisoning and were sick all day :(

  4. Thanks for entering ladies!!

    Thrilled you like our little girls :)

    @bessgeorgette Pink lamingtons are very romantic as far as we're concerned!

    @richelle We thought you'd like that one! And pressies from anyone are accepted!

    @janine One pair of funky green leggins coming up! Hope you've had a chance to make up the crappy food day!


  5. Your spot in internet land meets my spot in internet land.

    And even if you didn't have a comp, I was going to gush about you anyway.

    Your shop is gorgeous and will grow and grow and I'll say I knew you when :)

  6. Hi Girls
    Little Punk is definitely my fav. It reminds me of all the stupid things I did for "luv" when I was younger.

    On valentines day I bought a bunch of roses for my friend who had just broken up with her boyfriend.



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