Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ride to the Outpost

One of the places in Melbourne that we feel is home, is the gorgeous Outpost Cafe.  Have these guys done a beautiful job in making you feel all cosy in your funky grandma's kitchen!

Image via Outpost Cafe
Not only is the food and atmosphere a special treat, but the coffee is from Melbourne's finest St. Ali.  We know we don't need to say anymore about the coffee.  You're very well looked after.

If you follow our tweets, you will have noticed we cannot help but commit tweet faux par, by tweeting the occasional food pic (please don't let that stop you following!).  But we know you will forgive us when you see it's mainly from the beloved Outpost Cafe.  The food is so delicious!  You feel like your Nanna is a gourmet home-cooking chef extraordinaire!

I think you understand how much we enjoy our time at Outpost.  We can be found there 3 our of 4 weekends (that's a conservative estimation).

Recently the Cafe's dining room has been completed.  Now there are several spaces to choose from, each with a different feel, but all like home!

Aww...even all festive looking at the moment!

Well worth the trek if you're from anywhere in Melbourne and beyond!  Please go, find out for yourself & let us know how much you love it in the comments below.

Tomas & Jones x

For more information go to Outpost Cafe :)

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