Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manneken Pis - Watch out for shrinkage!

While Jones was away in Europe, I thought it fitting that she should have a little welcome back present.  But what to get a girl who has just been to some of the most beautiful places in the world?!

Well...as anyone knows, it's nice to be home from travelling but you can never help but wish you were still on holiday.  So perhaps something fun to remember her lovely time?

One place that Jones visited was Brussels, Belgium.  One thing that struck me as I remembered Brussels was the dear little Manneken Pis statue.  His likeness is everywhere (including the most gloriously coloured chocolates!).  So that was when I decided what quirky little token he would make as a little necklace!

Here's what she ended up with...

Does anyone remember those fun little 'shrinkies' we used to get out of flour packets or some kind of cooking product as kids?  It came as a little picture or cartoon on a card.  You simply put it in the oven and it would shrink and harden.  SO MUCH FUN!

That's how I made cute little Manneken Pis!

LARGE: Draw & cut out your design on shrink plastic
TEENY: Put it in the oven for a minute ... et voila!
I haven't seen Jones wearing it about town, but I'm sure it's a treasured & fun little reminder ;)

Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays and keeping safe.

Tomas x

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