Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Lovin!

Are you a fan of The Design Files?  We are!!

Lucy is currently running a reader survey to find out what people like about TDF, etc...great user testing, etc!!  (So pop on over and let her know what you love - that's the link directly to the survey above.)

One of the question's asks for your fav 5 blogs!  ONLY 5!!!  That's a really tough one isn' whittle the whole wonderful blogosphere down to 5 favourites!

We managed to put down 5 lovelies...but felt it only fair to mention the other fantasticos that inspire, encourage and entertain us.  So each week we'd like to present to you some of our favs!

(image via takacsi75)

To get started, and in honour of The Design Files this week, here's the 5 we finally managed to list in the survey...

~ ~ ~

Everyone knows Kellie from Ada & Darcy!  She is one talented lady, with a such a sweet heart to boot.  We made Kellie's acquaintance when we first started our blog, and she always encouraged us by dropping by to leave a comment, or say hi, and of course with her daily dose of gorgeousness on her lovely blog.  Now of course she has her own online shop, so we can all bring our very own dose home!

The fabulous Nicole & I used to dream dreams together when we were but girls.  Now all grown up, she has a lovely online children's boutique named for her favourite fairytale, The Princess & the Pea.

First House on the Right is where she writes for pleasure on interiors & other associated topics.  She's one stylish young lady, and a great writer!

Pia lives on a houseboat.  In Amsterdam.  She is responsible for 'Paris: Made by Hand' and 'Amsterdam: Made by Hand'.  Need I say more?!  She's also a beautiful stylist and photographer, & her boyfriend is handsome Frenchman!  Really...need I say more?!

I was in Amsterdam for the first time a few weeks ago.  I fell in love with it!  Read Pia's blog and you'll soon see why!

These super talented ladies from WA (Western Australia) make beautiful things!  We have some of their prints in our house, and they always make the day a little brighter.  They blog about the lovely, designerly things they find along the way that inspire them! Tomas & I met them when they were over earlier in the year for Magnolia Square, and they were as lovely as their designs!

A true junkaholic, Artemis and her husband Nao are one groovy couple!  She shares their life as a creative partnership, living in London, working as jewellry designers, continually creating the most lovely things!    We've been avid readers of Tales of a Junkaholic since we first saw her gorgeous little sewing shed, and she's been delighting us ever since!

~ ~ ~

Ok, so that's it for this week, but we've plenty more favourites to share, so come back next week!!  Same blog time, same blog channel!!

Don't forget to pop by The Design Files and let Lucy know what you love about her fabulous blog!  If you need more incentive, than being able to contribute to the fabulousness by giving your 2c worth...she's also got some amazing giveaways on at the moment.

I'll say one name: David Bromley!!  Get over there now!! :)


Jones :)

{ PS: what are your favourite blogs?! }

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