Monday, May 3, 2010

A sweet little package

If you're like me, and I know you are, there's nothing more exciting than to come home from work and find a parcel!

And that's exactly what I found today after trundling home...all tied up with string (yes, that really is one of my favourite things!)...a parcel from the friend I mentioned in my post yesterday, Charlotte Lily.

So cute!! Thank you Richelle from Charlotte Lily <3

These will definitely brighten my day when I wear them to work tomorrow. I think this calls for some shiny red shoes to match...

Tomas x


  1. Hi Girls

    Love the new blog. Also loving the new image for the title. So talented Tomas! You also forgot to mention that you desgined the card for Charlotte Lily. Thanks for all your kind words and links to my shop. My first sale will buy you a coffee xx

  2. Thank you Charlotte Lily! I have been wearing a lovely red polka dotted clip in my hair every day to work! Am also loving dropping in each day to see the newbies you've put up.
    Congratulations on a lovely first collection! xx



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