Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Love My Blogging Station

Well, it's Jones that has a lovely way with words, however it's high time I introduced myself.  And what better time to do that than show you where I will be blogging from.

This is my blogging station and oh how much do I LOVE it on a beautiful autumn day!

The leaves are beginning to turn and I am in absolute LOVE (did you notice) with blogging at my blogging station.  Or until now, at least pretending to blog ;)  

There's a magical smell in the air from the combination of books, a newspaper, coffee and the turn of the season.  Or maybe it's the perfume bottles dangling, sweetly catching the sunlight.  Whatever it is I'm hooked and I can't be anything but inspired when sitting at my blogging station.  As a matter of fact...I have a few ideas brewing as we speak.  I'll let you know what comes of them...of course after I finish my hazelnut latte...Mmm.

In the meantime, check out my friend's new Etsy shop Charlotte Lily.  She has some lovely hair clips and rings made with some darling fabrics!  There are some for all ages.

While I was thinking about my blog today I read some lovely advice today at Christina from Down And Out Chic's blog which I thought would be great to share.  As new bloggers this is timely advise we hope to follow.  Whatever you do, be nice.  Thank you Christina.  

Tomas x


  1. sure is good to see you on here finally Tomas. Don't know how much time you will get in your blog station what with all the projects you girls have on the go! Have fun!

  2. Thank you Tania! What a faithful reader you are :)

    Looking forward to your return visit & some more table assembly collaboration ;)

    Tomas x



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