Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perfect Match

Image by Tomas & Jones
Canary Jane's is a very beautiful flower/gift shop that's opened up the street from where I work in Hawthorn.

I've popped in a few times now to pick up flowers and cards, and the last time I was there these very beautiful matches!

I'm actually not sure what the name of the very beautiful shop owner is, but I secretly call her 'Canary Jane'.  She's very lovely, & so cute, vintage style.

She plays old records on a player in the shop, and has canaries in a cage that whistle along, of course.  Too cute right!

It's a beautiful, happy place, and I have trouble walking past it!  Everything is very reasonably priced, and her flower arrangements are unique and beautiful.

Canary Jane's is the perfect match for Hawthorn all round!

Next time you're in Hawthorn make sure you visit Canary Jane's Flowers, or if you're not local you can take a peek at the very cute shop over on Facebook.

Like the matches?  You can check out the online collection of Saison Art Series Matches.

Jones xx

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