Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A gift is a gift is a gift...

Gifts.  Presents. We all like getting them.  Most of us like giving them.

(Photo by Oliver Schwarzwald)

There are whole seasons of life dedicated to them.

They can make your life a little sunshinier, a little red rosier.  They let you know that someone is thinking about you, that someone cares.  They can help you through tough times, or make good times happier!

But sometimes when you're given a gift, it's hard not to "look the gift horse in the mouth". When you can honestly say, I don't deserve this gift.

Life sometimes hands out hard gifts.  And whether we expect it or not these hard gifts can often be the most rewarding, and can completely change our lives for the better, not the worst (as we might at first think).

Here's a couple of examples of this I've come across lately.

The story of Stacey Kramer, a smart lady who travelled the world helping to create names and brands for growing companies.  Then in 2009 she was given a gift in the guise of a terrifying diagnosis.

And the story of Chad Mureta.  A guy who had a terrible car crash, which nearly claimed his life, but instead set him on the path to a new career.  Going from working 70 hours a week in real estate, to running his business from his phone in less than 5 hours per week.

More about Chad >>

Not everyone comes through the other side of such a gift so well...but then, why should we not?  It's all about attitude, and taking what you can from every experience.  Good or bad.

"The next time you face something that's unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it just might be a gift." Stacey Kramer

Jones xx

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