Sunday, April 1, 2012

An apple-pic a day...April

For 12in12 April, we will both be taking a picture a day.  We can't promise they will be interesting, amazing or inspiring, but something will be captured from each day from both of us.  It might be something special to remember from that might be a blur out of the car window.  Who knows.

Might be that something profound comes of all of this "pixelspection".

Perhaps at the end we will post our April Collections for you to peruse :)

Have you done this?  Are you doing this?  Point us to your collection or simply send us a pic you took and thought - "oh wow, that's a fab shot!" ... or if you have hidden the most boring pics ever taken to rival ours!  We'd love to see them all!

Happy April! :)

Tomas & Jones x

PS. We will be keeping our Fit Feb efforts going again this month.
Reporting on our March Purge: We are now 60 items freer than preMarch clean out!  What junk we keep a hold of sometimes ;)


  1. Thanks you! Feels good to chuck things out!!

    How's the camping going?



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