Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's my first ever journey into the magically, stressful and creative world of NaNoWriMo (/ˌnænoʊˈraɪmoʊ/), or, National Novel Writing Month for the phonemically unwilling.

This is going to be the kickstart I've needed for years to finally finish drafting one of my novel ideas (pun unashamedly intended).

After reading some sound advice from Original Bliss, on writing your first novel, I have begun.

Image via Original Bliss

There are some beautiful calendars to help you reach daily word-targets...

Image by Skylime

And some to kick your butt into gear...
Image by Lily Moore
So for those out there wanting to join's only a few thousand words pop over and sign up at National Novel Writing Month.

Jones x


  1. I'm so excited for you Jones!! And intrigued so popping over to learn more :) Nx



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