Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laundry on my mind

My washing machine, and it's current place in the house, is THE BANE of my life.

Pressed into the corner of the kitchen, a very badly thought out concession to the modern requirement to have a laundry area inside one's own abode.

Three times the water has overflowed into my long-suffering downstairs neighbour's kitchen, due to the fact that the water connections are stuck very awkwardly into the bottom of the cupboard to which the machine is pressed, and the vibrations gradually make it loosen it's already precarious hold.

The last time it happened we were woken at 5am by the poor guy, who'd been greeted by an indoor water wall in his kitchen!

I am now obsessed with the very real possibility of its overflowing again.

It's the last thing I check every time I leave the house.  Sometimes I'm compelled to get up out of bed to check it.  When I'm out of the house I worry about it, when I'm washing I worry about... it's a worry full-stop.

It's the one thing that makes me seriously think I'd leave this sunny, gorgeous apartment, with it's deco charms and perfect location!

So, I have some serious laundry envy of anyone with a dedicated laundry room, properly set up to handle the arrangement of a washing machine, and it's occasional overflows!

Like these beauties for instance:

(Image from Home Design Decorator)

(Image from 12 Laundry Rooms to Love, Babble)

(From Bolig Pluss via Babble)

(Laundry by Urban Grace Interiors via The Daily Dish)

(Image from Elle Decor via Babble)

A girl can dream hey!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I'm off to put on a load of washing...wish me luck!

Jones xx 


  1. That sux :( Can you do something about the connections? Plumber's tape, perhaps?

  2. Hey Nat! Doesn't seem that plumber's tape doesn't seem to cut it, unfortunately. Thx for the suggestion & commiserations!:)



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