Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Short bursts!

Hands up if you don't have trouble with procrastination?

All hands are down here. So we frequently try different methods to get control of that.

Recently this cute as a button timer came home from the shops ;)

Image by Tomas & Jones

So this seemed like a good excuse to try out the Pomodoro technique.

This productivity technique advocates working in short bursts of 25 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between.

This helps your focus and concentration, and makes you forget the clock watching.

Actually, 25 minutes doesn't seem that long at all, so I've been having some luck with this technique...when I remember it!

Image by Tomas & Jones

The only problem being that this little lovely has a very loud tick, which is quite distracting to my poor Gen X brain!  But I soldier on!

There are of course fancy accessories you can get, but to get started all you need is a little timer, and a task to focus on!

Here are a few more cool timers to inspire you...

Necklace charm timer! Image via Miss Cherries Boutique's Etsy shop
Cuff link timer! Image via CuffCuff's Etsy shop

Have fun, and let us know if you've got any other tips for boosting your productivity!

Jones :)

1 comment:

  1. I like this!

    I have to force myself to have a few 'productivity' hours each day to work, clean, etc. I've been doing one hour stints with a bit of a break, then I start again. I literally set a timer on my phone and go, go, go until it rings.

    25 minutes sounds far easier to do and less likely to dread!

    Cute timers too :)



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